Joseph A. Capo


Dr. Capo has a passion for treating patients with sinus and nasal conditions and found there was a significant need for a comprehensive sinus center that could provide both medical and procedural management of sinus and nasal disorders as well as comprehensive environmental allergy care. 

Dr. Capo is an advocate for office-based sinus and nasal care and is one of the most experienced sinus doctors on Long Island when it comes to office-based management. He is a strong believer that almost every patient who requires a sinus or nasal procedure should be offered an office-based approach as it is safer, eliminates the risk of general anesthesia, has significantly less bleeding, a much faster recovery, and reduces health care costs. The Center has invested in OR grade equipment including neuro navigation which is the Standard of Care for sinus surgery and is typically only available in operating rooms. 

Our model, which includes an in-office CT scanner, streamlines the patient experience and prevents the need for additional appointments and co-pays at an outside radiologists to acquire CT which is a requirement prior to sinus procedures. 

Dr. Capo has performed procedures on over 1000 sinuses and also performs septoplasty and Latera nasal valve implant in the office. 

Dr. Capo completed a five-year residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan. The majority of his training was focused on treating patients with sinus and nasal disorders. 

Joseph A. Capo, MD of Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Nassau County and Capo Nose and Sinus Center have been selected as a national Center of Excellence. As the only center in the Northeast with this designation, Joseph A. Capo, MD is recognized as one of Northeast’s top sinus doctors, lecturing nationally and hosting other ENT surgeons from around the country to learn how to master office-based sinus and nasal procedures. There has been a slow and steady transition away from traditional OR based sinus and nasal surgery to more modern, office-based approaches. Dr. Capo is excited to continue to educate the ENT community and positively impact patient outcomes both on Long Island and nationwide. 

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